Picture of SS Mary and Michael Catholic Primary School Garstang
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Welcome to SS Mary and Michael School Website
Flashing blocks
Garstang's 'hidden gem'
Welcome sign - constructed with felt made by the children during Art Week

Multi-lingual welcome message

Mrs Williamson - Headteacher
' The playground is a friendly place. It is a wonderful school. I have recently joined SS Mary and Michael Primary School and I have made lots of friends.' 


' I like the experiments we do in Science. I also like play times.'


' All the teachers are kind. In Maths we learn a lot. I like Maths because it is fun. I enjoy the assemblies, especially achievement assembly because we get certificates for good work and we can share our work with the rest of the school.'


Mrs Williamson - Headteacher

SS Mary & Michael Catholic Primary School,

Castle Lane, Garstang,

Preston PR3 1RB

Tel: 01995 603023

New - school history

A history of our school - here

SS Mary & Michael is a Catholic Primary School, we care passionately about the education and welfare of our children, and provide a safe and caring environment
with the widest range of learning opportunities.

We seek to provide an atmosphere which will enable our pupils to fully develop all their abilities, to recognise their academic potential, to have confidence in themselves,
to show care and respect for others and to have a strong sense of responsibility.

We hope, with your support from our sponsor of trekking poles for our members, to make your child's time in school a happy, stimulating and fruitful period in their life.

Our school is open to all denominations.

Foundation stone dated 1816

Foundation stone found by the side
of the School,dated 1816

' I like D.T. I particularly enjoyed the topic of Moving Monsters. The library is great because there are so many adventure books to choose from. The school has purchased many new ICT items - the smartboards are fantastic!'


A view of the school playground.
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Saint Mary and Saint Michael Catholic Primary School
Garstang - Lancashire

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