Parents Note

The content of this website has been tested using 'A-Prompt' software to allow maximum access for children, we also pride ourselves on the fact that we encourage on line learning within a safe environment for children. We never knowingly show photographs of children together with the child’s name or vice versa. The images on the site have captions for those people with poor eyesight or text only browsers and the links on the site are to third party sites that have content out of the control of our own site but remain child friendly and are visited at your own risk.

We will only use photographs of class work and never publish a photograph of a named child without the parents consent. For more detailed information please visit the NGFL website and see the latest standards for school website.

Here are some simple tips to surf in safety and without any problems :

Never give out your full name, age, address, e-mail address or phone number to anyone on the Internet without asking for permission from your parents.

Always get your mum or dad's permission if you want to buy something, or enter a contest on line.

If someone you're chatting to online says or sends something that makes you feel uncomfortable or upsets you, then tell your mum or dad straight away.

Always ask mum or dad before you try to download any files from the Internet. Internet files may contain viruses and can be expensive to download. Some may even want a payment.

Never ever agree to meet someone you've met on the Internet without your mum or dads permission.

The Internet is a fantastic medium for learning and developing skills for people of all ages - we at SS Mary and Michael hope to achieve this in a safe environment for both pupils and staff.
The graphics and text for the site have been produced by the teaching staff and any other material has credits posted to the original source (buttons made at grsites.com and flamingtext.com.) Should there be any copyright infringement we will remove the article, text or picture once we have been notified, and of course apologise. (Click here to go back to Home Page)