Purpose built nursery accommodation with outdoor play area and garden
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" We aim to provide a rich educational play environment to enhance your child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. "


All our staff are experienced, qualified nursery nurses (Diploma in Pre-school Practice, N.N.E.B.) or teachers. We do not use parents on a rota basis as do many pre-school groups. We have found that this can be disruptive to the children whose mums are on duty and also, as mums are such busy people, we could not always guarantee they could be there! Children refer to the staff as 'Aunties' Our staff have all been with us for some years now. We currently have Aunty Carole, Aunty Shirley, Aunty Jayne, Aunty Bridget, Aunty Alison as well as Aunty Susan, our support assistant for children who have special needs. Your child will be allocated a key worker who monitors your child's progress and is responsible for keeping assessments and record for your child up to date.

"You are the first educators of your child and we will value and support the work already being done by you."


We have organised events for both all the family and just mums and dads - a rare chance to get out without the children and relax! We hold our Easter Family Fun Day every year and in the past have held sponsored events, Christmas Fair, flower arranging demonstrations etc. In November we will be hosting our third wine tasting evening - so popular have they proved! Next year we hope to repeat our music/supper/disco night which was also a great success.

In the past we have held a 'Promise Auction' where parents, friends of Hummingbirds, local businesses, family visitor attractions and celebrities donated either goods, tickets or services. These were sold at auction and we raised nearly £5,000 towards a permanent base for the nursery.
Our current unit will not get permanent planning permission and we are required by Wyre Borough Council to seek new premises and to be seen to be saving to this end. They will renew our temporary permission as long as we are making an effort to secure our future.

We are currently working hard with the parish of SS Mary and Michael to secure funding from DEFRA. They will put in an application to DEFRA on behalf of the diocese to gain funding to help carry out the project. If we are successful, this funding will help to pay for the refurbishment of the parish centre (which is only about 100 metres from our current location.) At the same time they will incorporate Hummingbirds, providing a spacious and well equipped nursery setting. We will also be transforming the front of the building into a secure and well-equipped play area for the nursery.

In September 2005 we received planning permission to refurbish the Parish Centre, incorporating Hummingbirds. Hummingbirds will continue to operate as normal in its current unit until we have acquired funding and the refurbishment is completed to a high standard. Our plans can be seen on display at the back of SS Mary & Michael RC Church.
We continue to fundraise towards a new permanent home but also to provide new resources for the nursery as and when they are required.


Monday afternoon 1-3.30pm and Wednesday mornings 9.15 - 12 noon
We follow curriculum guidance given by the government for the Foundation Stage. This stage includes both the nursery years and your child's first year at school (3 to 5 years). We carefully plan our activities to promote the six areas of learning set out in these guidelines. These are:

*Personal, Social and Emotional Development
*Communication, Language and Literacy
*Mathematical Development
*Knowledge and Understanding of the World
*Physical Development
*Creative Development

All our activities are based around play which we plan to be intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially stimulating. This enables your child to explore ideas, concepts and experiences in new and imaginative ways, all while having a great time.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.15am - 12 noon
Our activities are designed to cater for the needs of children from 2 ½ to pre-school year. We follow the relevant guidance, described under our pre-school and Tweenies sections (above and below), according to your child's age. The younger children benefit from interacting with the older children and the older children often enjoy helping and caring for the younger children.

Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays 12 - 1pm
These sessions are very popular with parents, carers and children alike! We usually start with a group story. Then the children wash their hands, collect their lunch boxes, sit at a small table with a member of staff and unpack their lunches onto a plate. The children really enjoy chatting and socialising in these small groups. Once lunch is eaten and packed away we usually have time for a couple of songs before it is time to go home.

Tuesday afternoons 1.15 - 3.15pm
We started these sessions after Easter 2005. This is smaller group of younger children from 2 years of age who are new to the nursery. We have 1 staff member to every 4 children. Your child can learn to become independent and separate from yourself as their main carer. They are able to develop social skills such as sharing, asking for help, choosing their own activities, following simple instructions, becoming familiar with routines, being able to sit and listen in a small group. All this prepares your child for when they start in the larger, longer sessions with the older children. We follow the government guidance 'Birth to three Matters - A Framework to support children in their earliest years.' There are four aspects which we consider when planning activities for the children. These are:

*A Strong Child
*A Skilful Communicator
*A Competent Learner
*A Healthy Child

These aspects focus on your child and steer away from subjects and curriculum headings. (Sure Start)

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