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"Things To Do"
Autumn Fun
Autumn leaves, twisting, twirling down

Under clear blue or lead grey skies

Turning red, yellow, orange, brown

Unable to stop the passing seasons

Making treacle toffee, building bonfires

Noisy crowds watching in wonder the

Fireworks' sparkling beauty

Up higher they soar to create

New brightly coloured stars

firework firework
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Quiz Time!

Try our 'easy' or 'harder' collective nouns quiz?

How are you at mental maths? Try it out with our easy or harder quiz

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Autumn Wordsearch
p u d d l e s b x d
a u b c f d t u t y
g z m i p u m k r r
c o n k e r s w e p
u u e v i w t i a q
y r x w i n d y c s
f v u e g h z e l m
i s k j l e a v e s
r e q h o i p r t v
e h w o v z u t o a
w l b t e t t o f f
o p g c s c a r f k
r n h e f r u s e d
k h a l l o w e e n
s a t f o w k r n s
Can you find these 'autumn' words?

treacle toffee
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Some fun things to do on your computer

Suduko - Daily Suduko challenge from Thinks.com.

Mr Picassohead - create your own Picasso style painting

City Creator - create your own city, choose from medieval, modern or snowy.

Space Hangman
- with Alpha the Alien (thanks to Lancs GFL website)
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