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Welcome to the Parents' page
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Our School Association

The School Association exists to organise social functions and to support the school by raising additional funds - some people would know it as a 'PTA'

We meet every month at the Garstang Golf Club, and a new Committee is elected every year.

Examples of the type of events we organise are:

Halloween and Valentines discos for the children
Christmas pantomime trip
An annual Fun Evening
The float for the annual Children's Festival
Card making evenings
Wine tasting
Annual Talent show for the children
Duck Race
Sponsored walks

The emphasis is always on having fun, as well as making money, although we have raised substantial funds, which school has used for:-

'Smart Boards' in the classrooms
Music workshops
Prizes for school events such as Arts Week
PE equipment

Regular updates on fundraising events can be found on the 'Newsletter' page.

We are always keen to welcome new parents to the Association.

What can I do to keep my child safe while still having fun online?

Here are some tips from the Government website, there is also a huge amount of information regarding the internet and how you can keep it safe for children.

Consider using Internet Filtering software, Walled Gardens and Child Friendly Search Engines. Use your Browser's controls as some offer differing degrees of security for each family member.

Check out what child protection services your ISP offers, do they filter for SPAM, for instance? If not, ask them why.

Keep the computer in a communal area of the house, where it's easier to monitor what your children are viewing.

Tell children not to give out their personal details. If they want to subscribe to any services online, make up a family e-mail address to receive the mail.

Kids love to chat, but make sure they only use moderated chatrooms and encourage them to introduce you to their online friends.

Encourage your children to tell you if they feel uncomfortable, upset or threatened by anything they see online.

Involve your children in writing your own Family Code of Acceptable Internet Use. Remember that what's acceptable for a teenager isn't necessarily OK for a primary school aged child so get their input.

Computer kit is expensive so bear in mind that a child with a laptop may be vulnerable when carrying it to and from school.

The web's a great resource for Homework, but remember to use more than one site in research to get broad, balanced information and ALWAYS reference your research sources.


Go online with your children and become part of their online life. The key to safe surfing is communication.

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Protect your PC for free:

Anti-virus - Avast, AVG

Firewall - Sygate, Zone Alarm

Protect your PC from spyware - Spywareblaster

Remove spyware from your PC - Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy

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