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Our Christmas display
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There has been lots of creative activity in school over the last two weeks.
Last week our focus was Art & D.T. and the children have thorougly enjoyed making Christmas decorations, cards, scenery for our production and amazing models in D.T. - including Santa detector alarms!

The following children have produced some super work and have worked with care and flair! Well done!

Class 1 - Olivia Critchlow
Class 2 - Millie Pary
Class 3 - Tom Holland
Class 4 - Adam Milligan
Class 5 - Jessica Doherty

'Class of the Week' is shared between classes 3, 4 and 5. What a fantastic achievement!

This week the focus in school has been Music with everyone in school working really hard to put on a brilliant Christmas production. We've also been busy with carol services around Garstang and we've sung our hearts out! Well done everyone!

Special praise must be given to the following children who really put their heart and soul into it all and were this week's 'Super Singers'. Well done!

Class 1 - Jack Ferguson
Class 2 - Laura Carr
Class 3 - Roisin McCann
Class 4 - Hannah Whittaker
Class 5 - Michael Bailey

Well done too, to all in Years 5 and 6 for their magnificent performances in the school play. You should be very proud of yourselves!

'Class of the Week' is Class 3 - brilliant!

Merry Christmas everyone!

celtic design bar

Our Golden Tapestry

At last our tapestry is finished and what fun we've had creating it over the last 6 months. Our whole school community has been involved; pupils, staff, governors, parents and grandparents, as well as friends from our parish. However it has been the children who have had the starring role - selecting materials, suggesting ideas and sewing it all together - and what a fabulous achievement it is!

Our given brief was 'Stories and Legends' and the month of November.
As a result, our tapestry depicts the following;

The centre piece is the ancient market cross (restored in 1897) at the heart of Garstang. Around are faces of farmers and farm hands who came to sell their livestock at the November fair that took place in the main High Street many years ago, the charter being granted in 1680. The High Street was impassable for one day each November and shopkeepers would board up their windows!
The last fair was held c. 1934/35.

Then, beneath the market cross are poppies, symbols of remembrance placed at the war memorial in the town on Remembrance Sunday.

Also on the cross above our school logo, is the fair-trade logo. Garstang is the world's first fair-trade town and its residents continue to work hard to use and promote fair-trade goods.

To the left of the cross is a magnificent bonfire, as seen throughout towns and cities in England on November 5th, to commemorate Guy Fawkes' failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London (The Gunpowder Plot) in 1605.

The sparks reach up into a starry November sky glistening above the hills of Bowland, which form the backdrop of our town. Then, on a small hill, just outside Garstang stand the ruins of Greenhalgh castle. This castle, built in 1490 by Thomas Stanley, First Earl of Derby, was virtually destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in 1646, but the ruins of one of the towers still remains today.

Beneath the castle are sheep grazing in the fields, perhaps to be brought to market by the farmers and then kneeling by the River Wyre, which flows through the town towards the Irish Sea, is St. John Plessington, our local Saint and one of the forty martyrs of England and Wales. He was born at Dimples Hall in Garstang, not far from Greenhalgh Castle, in c 1637. He trained to be a priest and was later executed near Chester in 1679, his crime; being a priest.

We hope you enjoy reading about the history, stories and legends behind our tapestry. We've all had great fun making it and have found out a lot about our lovely town too!

Our Golden Tapestry

The metre square tapestry is now complete and ready to be sent out to Australia for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, where it will be joined with thousands of other tapestry squares to produce 'The Golden Tapestry'. This commonwealth wide arts project has been undertaken by children across the globe, to mark the Queen's 50th jubilee celebrations. It's great to think that Garstang will be represented at the Commonwealth Games - we hope the Queen likes it!

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