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Welcome to the sports page
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Picture showing just a few of the School's trophies
The School has a long history of sporting excellence.

"Our aims are to promote a sense of fair play, competitiveness, co-operation and good sportsmanship. Allied to these we also seek to develop self-confidence, stamina, physical skills and appropriate attitudes & responses. The following are the sports played at School: football, quick cricket, skittleball, netball, rounders, swimming and athletics."

Sports News

Well done to our football 'A' team who won the Churchtown Festival Football Tournament. A great team effort from Elliot Cooper, Lewis Croston, Liam Wellings, James Buer, Tom Winstanley, Lauren Wellings, Bethany Wellings and Dominic Howse. Both teams also performed well and with great enthusiasm in the Garstang Whit Festival, Catterall Gala and St Michaels Gala competitions. St Michaels Gala produced a particularly outstanding performance from the B team, which surpassed all expectations.

The two netball teams also played well in their Whit Festival matches, and are now continuing to develop their skills during weekly practise sessions.

Congratulations also to all the children from Years 4, 5 and 6 who took part in the Swimming Gala, where all the swimmers competed enthusiastically and thoroughly enjoyed themselves - if there was a prize for the best support we would have been clear winners!
The weather was fine for the 2003 school sports day
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