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Welcome to Tots & Co. We meet every Wednesday of term time 9.30-11am in SS Mary & Michael school hall. Our aim is to provide a relaxed and pleasant environment for the adults and one and a half fun-filled hours for the children.

Tots & Co has been established for over 10 years now and is currently more popular than it has ever been. Our original 'Tots' will now be teenagers- help! It all happens all too fast.

Tots & Co is run on a voluntary basis - admission is £1, including tea, coffee or juice.

We have a range of activities set up for the children, including kitchen, play food, table and chairs, tent and tunnel, slide, see-saw, dolls, prams and cots, dressing-up, play dough, art/craft activities, jigsaws, farm, train track, cars, road and garage.... all the usual! We try to vary them a little from week to week. We also have an area in the middle of the room where mums/dads and childminders can sit and watch their babies playing safely on soft mats. Coffee or tea with biscuits for the adults at around 10.30am. The children sit together for drink and a biscuit at around 10am and we finish with singing at about 10.50am.

The activity table has proved very popular and we now have our own Tots display board in the hall. To ensure your little one stays as clean and glue free as possible there are aprons available. For your child to benefit and remain fully glue-free you will of course need to supervise them!

A big thank you to everyone who currently helps out at Tots. Please feel free to leave your child in the singing group whilst you help tidy up. Don't worry if you can't be on our rota, you can help out during tidying up when you are able! If you can help by setting up and clearing away (on a rota basis) please let us know as we are very short of volunteers.

Please note that for health and safety reasons children must not climb on the mats or benches once they have been stacked up.

We have a number of books that can be borrowed from Tots & Co:-

The Contented Little Baby Book.

How to keep your kids from driving you crazy.

Positive Parenting.

Toddler Taming.

The Great Ormond Street Book of Baby and Childcare.

In addition there is a selection of musical tapes. If you wish to borrow any of these please sign in the notebook provided.

We occasionally hold fund raising events, for example Red Nose Day, Children in Need, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

If you need any further details, speak to Jo, Janet or Robyn at Tots.

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