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January to Easter 2006
Sarah Deed & Janet Miller
RE-OPEN 11th January 2006
Jo Jones & Roxy Clague
18th January
Debbie McCann & Robyn Halford
25th January
Virginia Richard-Jones & Jayne Johnson
1st February
Jill Poppleton & Helen Leece ?
8th February
Helen Cookson & Justine Lang ?
15th February
22nd February
Helen Cookson & Justine Lang ?
1st March
Sarah Deed & Janet Miller
8th March
Jo Jones & Roxy Clague
15th March
Debbie McCann & Robyn Halford
22nd March
Virginia Richard-Jones & Jayne Johnson
29th March
Helen Cokson & Justine Lang ?
5th April
12th April
Sarah Deed & Janet Miller
RE-OPEN 26th April
baby crawling towards toys
If you are on duty, please try to get to Tots by 9 - 9.15am.
There will usually be someone around after having dropped their older children off at the school. If you are first there then you can get the store room keys off Mrs Gibbs the school secretary - the office is at the opposite end of school.

If for some reason you can't make it, or the dates clash with prior arrangements, please try to arrange a swap with someone else on the rota.

A big thank you to all those mums, childminders (and occasionally Dads!) who have spent the last year helping at Tots, even when they weren't on duty!
Goodbye to all the children who are starting school or nursery and won't be coming to Tots anymore, we'll miss you!

If you need any further details, speak to Jo, Janet or Robyn at Tots.

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