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Welcome to the page for Class Five
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V.I.P. of the Week
John McGrath
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Katherine McDowall
Class 5 have been playing 'People Bingo' to get to know each other
Class 5 People Bingo display
Class 5 have been printing in the style of William Morris

We have really enjoyed experimenting with printing techniques, inspired by the work of William Morris. We have been able to create both positive (where the raised surface produces the print) and negative images (where the flat surround takes the colour of the ink leaving the design clear.)

Class 5's display showing their William Morris style printing
William Morris - (24th March 1834 - 3rd October 1896)

Born in Walthamstow, Essex, the son of a wealthy businessman, William Morris enjoyed a comfortable childhood before going to study at Oxford University. He originally wanted to be a priest, but decided to pursue his love of art and become a designer. He was especially interested in decorative arts, i.e. wallpaper and textile patterns, and his career really took off when he was invited to decorate the Red House in Bexleyheath. This house is now owned by the National Trust.

Class 5's Printing display Class 5 used sharp implements to carve out shapes in polystyrene tiles. Some children chose to use their initials, some designed a pattern.

We then used a roller to apply paint onto the tile and produced a print, the design was then repeated.

We thought this could be a great way to design and make our own wrapping paper.

Class 5 - Good News display
Good News!
In Class 5 we have been talking about Good News, who we received Good News from, how we received it and how we felt before and after receiving it.

We shared our Good News with each other, just as Jesus' apostles shared the Good News with everyone after the Holy Spirit came down upon them at Pentecost.
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